Monday, July 2, 2012

Duck Crossing

Day 1: After landing in London at 10am local time, it was a very long day of fighting jet lag. I only vaguely remember that we at pizza, rode the tube, walked to the theatre district, and had ice cream on the south bank.

Day 2: In a daze the night before, I had walked to the ATM and the grocery, but I was very happy to have breakfast that morning, since I woke up ravenous at 6am. We met with our professor, walked all over to buy phone cards, had very average Japanese at Itsu, and went on one of the most unpleasant tours. I'm sure I was just too tired to appreciate the two and a half hour walk. It was extremely fast paced and very warm. We stopped on the bridge to trace the steps of the doctor on the first episode of new doctor who, and what do you know, we saw a blue box almost where the Tardis should have been parked. Of course we went to see it. It was an work of art, not quite the right shade of blue, but definitely put us in a better mood. I went to go buy nail clippers and hair gel at Boots. That night was my love's birthday, so I stayed in to get skype working so I could call, since my phone card wasn't working yet. Christen and I decided to walk to the Fishcotheque (that's really what it`s called) to get some fish and chips so we could people watch. Unfortunately, most of the people were scared away by some very adamant missionaries.

Day 3: This was my favorite day so far. We walked to another cell phone place and found an adorable tea shop. (Location) I bought a mug so I could drink things at the dorm. I later found coffee cups had been added in the kitchen. It's a great diamond jubilee mug with Corgies. We walked to the National Gallery and saw the 18, 19, and early 20th century collection. It was amazing. I was pushing through the crowd to see van Gogh's sunflowers, when an employee of the museum walked up and gave an impromptu talk about the painting and van Gogh. Additionally, we saw Monet, Manet, Turner, Cezanne, Degas, and many more. We walked through the theatre district again and back over to St Martin`s Cafe in the Crypt where I had bread pudding with custard, which is not as good as apple crisp with custard. Then we headed to the south bank and found a used book, open air market, had ice cream, and saw some other awesome things. I'll have the photos up soon. 

Day 4: Today we are going to the St Paul`s Cathedral Library. I will post about this soon.

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